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uk Single member limited liability company (Ltd.) is a company formed by a person responsible for the company’s commitment to their equity contribution in the capital.

Ltd. is a company whose capital is divided into shares, the amount of the shares must be equal to the capital. Minimum capital required for setting up a Ltd. in EUR 2 lv.EOOD is a form of LTD, but with this difference, that capital is owned by one person.

When LTD is created by one person instead of company contract is drawn statute. When capital, Ltd. belongs to one person, company contains the words „sole Ltd“.

Sole shareholder and managing a company or person designated by him governor. If the owner is a legal entity, its directors or a person appointed by the company manages.

Sole owner decides matters within the competence of the General Assembly, which shall be drawn up in the decisions of the General Assembly form.

Trading company established as a legal entity with its entry in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency. Subject to registration and any subsequent changes to the circumstances of the company and its termination. These entries are constitutive (that occurs and changes there since their entry) and announcing important (registered publicize the facts).

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